• King & Country

    BBB001 British Comet Tank

    WWII British
  • YZCaesar

    Ramses II with war chariot

  • Regal Toy Soldiers

    Royal Navy Gardner Gun

  • Frontline Figures

    95th Rifle Brigade, Napoleonic

  • Beau Geste

    WWI Belgium Machine gun team

    Beau Geste
  • The Collectors Showcase

    Napoleonic Prussian Infantry

We at Piers Christian Toy Soldiers have now being trading for some fourteen years and in that time we have seen some dramatic changes to our business, the market and our product ranges. With the launch of our new web site we are bringing to you some of the best Toy Soldiers available from makers such as Collectors Showcase, King and Country, Regal and Beau Geste as well as some new to the market such as YZCaesar whom we are very proud to be associated with and also new brands to the UK like Manes Marzano of Argentina.

We want to be one of the best UK online retailers of Toy Soldiers, offering realistic UK retail prices, cost effective postage options and exclusive brands, in that we are the SOLE UK official importer and retailer of brands such as Regal, Beau Geste, Manes Marzano and others.

Battle of the Bulge German

Regal Toy Soldiers


King & Country stockists
King & Country stockists

December 28, 2016

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All new prices for YZCaesar products
All new prices for YZCaesar products

November 01, 2016

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YZCaesar 90mm figures
YZCaesar 90mm figures

October 29, 2016

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