YZCaesar Temporary ceasing of production

August 13, 2017

YZCaesar Temporary ceasing of production

I have just been informed by the sales manager of YZCaesar that the company is to cease production of its figures until sometime in early 2018. The reason, YZCaesar are focusing their attention and production line on a new toy related venture. What, he will not say.

Therefore we only have our shelf stock, which is diminishing fast and the stock YZCaesar have themselves. With this stock and among the 75mm and 90mm figures they really only have  a decent stock of six different figures. The rest are down to the last couple in stock and most are sold out.

So, it may be best to contact me before ordering online just to make sure we have the item you require as it is becoming very difficult for me to place an order of sufficient size with YZCaesar with their current stock levels.

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