John Jenkins Designs Sudan war figures

Sudan Campaign diorama created by Barry Foster

First Legion, AWI British.


Rhino made Italian Field Kitchen. Rhino are hard to come by, but great value for money. Contact Stefano at Saimex for vehicles.


Rhino again, Italian armoured car with Oasis themed backdrop.


King and Country WWII DAK themed showroom display


Frontline Napoleonic 95th rifles

Frontline Figures, Napoleonic British 95th Rifle Brigade with woodland backdrop.


Just to show what can be done to enhance even some basic figures and scenery by bringing in a realistic backdrop.


King and Country - British troops moving forward after securing the beachhead.

King and Country - British Troops moving forward after securing the beachhead


First Legion German troops defending their HQ

Australian show prize winner 

WWI Trench scene from the Toy Museum collection based in Prague. Any keen collector visiting Prague should go to the museum which is based in the Palace. 

First Legion Napoleonic British Artillery

Mixed bag of K&C and TG Fallschirmjager showroom display


Hand made wooden barn

First Legion - US Airborne, Normandy showroom display with hand made wooden barn


I've seen those trees before!


The Collectors Showcase, ACW